Puaida 36V Dual hub motor ESC

Puaida 36V Dual hub motor ESC

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Please note:this is a dual hub motor ESC, you cannot use two dual-drive ESCs to assemble a four-wheel drive electric skateboard. The dual-drive remote and ESC are not compatible with the four-wheel drive remote and ESC. If you want to assemble a four-wheel drive electric skateboard, you need to purchase a four-wheel drive remote and  four-wheel drive ESCs.

and please note that this is the 2024 new version ESC,We have made significant improvements to our ESC model for 2024 in terms of acceleration, braking, and other aspects.Additionally, changes have been made to the lighting program. As a result, the 2024 ESC is not compatible with our old LED light modules. We are currently in the process of developing new LED modules. Once our new modules are available on the market, they will be compatible with the 2024 ESC. Thank you for your understanding.

here is the link for the 4wd remote and esc:https://www.puaida.com/products/36v-4wd-hub-motor-esc-remote-kit-for-diy-electric-skateboard-electric-speed-controller-for-longboard-remote-controller 

parameter for the ESC:

Voltage:  30V-42V

rated current: 12*2=24A

Locked-rotor time: 4 sec

Locked-rotor current: 5A-8A

Peak phase current: 40A-45A

quiescent dissipation: 5uA

standby current: 20mA-50mA

maximum speed of revolution:3000r/min

low-voltage protection: 30V-33V

overvoltage protection: 46V

braking current: 10A

temperature protection: 80℃-120℃